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a spooky sapphic romance novella

"Even with the blood, rituals, and resurrections, the most surprising thing about the summer of 2003 was Ivy Wexler."

When offered a chance to avoid summer school, goth girl Frankie Tanner reluctantly agrees to help Ivy Wexler, a cheerleader who has just resurrected her cat in preparation for bigger and better (dead) things.


Perfect for people who wanted The Craft to be sapphic.

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a spooky sapphic romance novella

Secret girlfriends Ivy and Frankie just want to get through high school and escape their dying town.

But Bulldeen’s dark magic isn’t done with them yet - animals die mysteriously, ex-boyfriends loom, and secrets strain to be revealed.

And in the midst of everything: Homecoming. Will the girls be able to steal a dance, or will darkness bury them before they make it underneath the disco ball?

The BABYLOVE series is a companion series to the ZOMBABE trilogy. SUGARSNAP takes place in between ZOMBABE #1 and #2.

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Senior year is almost over and secret girlfriends Frankie and Ivy are itching to escape their dying town and start their new lives in New York.

But Bulldeen won't let go of them yet. After a sudden attack, Ivy gets… strange. Fainting spells and bloody noses and speaking in a voice that isn’t hers.

Something is setting up roots in Ivy, and it wants Frankie gone.

Will the girls make it to graduation, or will Bulldeen finally get its way?

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