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"I'd hold the knife myself if it saved him."

ZOMBABE is a LGBT found family Horror/Paranormal YA about a group of friends putting down an ancient evil inextricably linked to their sleepy town of Bulldeen, Maine.

Two weeks before graduation, Henry “Babe” Simmons is resurrected by his best friend (and secret crush) Eugene “Dude” Marsh. Consequences include freaking out a town who just buried you, an overwhelming hunger for human flesh, and a monster who will step in if you ignore that hunger too long. Thankfully they have Kate Higgins on their side, a whiskey-drinking police chief who is all too eager to get rid of the town riff-raff. Armed with the power of friendship and a vague yet crucial understanding of Latin, Babe and his found family must uncover Bulldeen’s dark secrets and ki
ll the monster for good. 


Perfect for anyone who ever wanted Stephen King books to be gay; or for Jennifer's Body to have a happy ending.

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