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"Remember when you pinkie promised you'd help me bury a body? Is that offer still good?"

TWILIGHT meets JENNIFER'S BODY in this bite-sized sapphic vampire romance full of sweetness, snark, gore, and only one motel bed. 
Queen bee Honey Williams and burnout Sadie Greer haven't spoken since middle school, when one huge fight ended their lifelong friendship and sent the two girls down wildly different paths. All of this changes when Honey turns up at 3am to ask Sadie to help her bury a body and kill the band that turned her into a vampire so she can get her humanity back.

It's the tail end of summer vacation. They've got the band's tour dates, a full tank of gas and two weeks before senior year starts. But Honey's newfound hunger is insatiable, and the road trip gets even gorier than they anticipated. Despite all the bloody motel rooms and near-misses with murder, Sadie and Honey grow reluctantly close for the first time since they were kids. 

But every road ends, and Honey's bloodlust isn't the only thing threatening to destroy their healing friendship...

HONEYBLOODS is a sapphic vampire romance novella set in the ZOMBABE universe. You don't have to read any other series to understand this one.



coming May 31 2024

Honey and Sadie have a plan: get back home and take senior year by storm. Out and proud girlfriends, secret vampires. They can rock this new undead life if they stick together. Right?

But the past doesn’t die easily. A revealing video from a true crime YouTuber forces the girls to come up with a new plan: say they were home all summer and avoid each other in the hallways until everything blows over.

Their plan to lie low is quickly ruined when the true crime YouTuber shows up in town, asking about a murdered indie band and trailing unwelcome threats in her wake. Hunters, ex-boyfriends, frenemies and raging bloodlust - senior year is kicking off with a snarl.



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